Warehouse Priority

Warehouse Priority

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The warehouse priority module allows you to create and automatically determine the priority in choosing a warehouse from which products will be sent to the customer.
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  • osCommerce version
  • 4.0.x
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Using this module helps to create priorities for choosing the suitable warehouse for ordered products.

When placing an order, a priority is given to a warehouse which best meets certain rules.

There are 3 predefined rules which can be configured in the backend: Ordered quantity coverage, Distance to Warehouse and Warehouse Stock. 

Depending on the business specifics these rules can be used all simultaneously or only some of them. You can choose the necessary ones by turning them on or off.  

Ordered quantity coverage displays as a percentage the ability of the warehouse to cover the quantity of products in the order.

Distance to Warehouse considers the distance from each warehouse to the store.

Warehouse Stock shows the physical number of items in stock.

If 2 rules have the same value, the upper one will be used first.

You can move the priority order manually.

This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.

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