Typical Operating Temperature

Typical Operating Temperature

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Typical operating temperature module allows to display the temperature for a product or its variation indicating when this product is recommended to be used.
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Sometimes it is necessary to specify the temperature indicating when a product is recommended to be used. For example, some sleeping bags should be used within the temperatures above 0°C only, but some of them can be used within the temperatures below 0°C as well. 

If a product has variations it is possible to set up the typical operating temperature separately for each variation. It is done in 2 steps: first the temperature is set up for the whole product, then if this temperature is different from the one for each variation (either lower or higher) it can be set up accordingly.

As a result the typical operating temperature is displayed both on the product and listing pages. Also on the listing page this temperature is displayed in °C only, but on the product page it is displayed in both °C and °F. It is convenient for customers who use the different temperature systems in everyday life. 

Finally, this module allows to filter products according to their typical operating temperature that makes it possible for a customer to find the product that matches the exact temperature requirements.    


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs. 

Widgets and pages:

Typical operating temp widget is added to both the product and listing pages.

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