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This module adds the testimonial system regarding products and the work of the online store.
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  • osc app
  • PHP version
  • 7.4.x
  • osCommerce version
  • 4.0.x
  • Additional PHP libs
  • NO
  • Module dependences
  • Depended
  • 3d party services
  • NO
  • Additional requirements
  • NO
The Testimonials module allows the user to leave a testimonial about your online store and give it a rating.

Very often, it is user testimonials that help to make the right choice when buying a product, as well as to decide on the choice of an online store.

This module makes it possible to manage testimonials.

How it works?

The customer can submit testimonials and select the rating as well as view the previous ones.

The administrator can manage the submitted testimonials using the module tools, which allow editing, deleting or previewing testimonials, and also giving answers to the authors of the testimonials. It is also possible to search for the required testimonial by author or by the keywords of a testimonial. The submitted testimonials can be displayed on the web site only after approval by the administrator. 

This module is used both in the backend and on the frontend and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.

Widgets and pages:

Testimonials page is added to this module.
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