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Subscribers module allows to manage subscribers who subscribed to the newsletters and updates on a website.


Many websites, product and services companies, etc., allow customers to subscribe to their newsletters, product/service-related blogs, press releases, etc. In order to subscribe, the customer has to add his/her email address to the company's mailing list. This means that the customer is subscribed to anything sent to that mailing list.

Subscribers module makes it possible to manage subscribers using its functionalities described below.
How it works?

After a customer subscribes to a newsletter, an administrator can view the information about this customer (the first and last names, email address, date and time of subscription and its status). If necessary, an administrator can update the first and last names, email address and the status of the subscription.

Also, such batch actions as export to the CSV file and delete selected are available for an administrator. 

The filter tools allow to search a subscriber by the first, last names, email address, subscriber ID or any of these. Also, the time range for the search can be either pre-selected (for example, today, this week, this month) or the exact dates can be manually selected. Moreover, the search can be made on either confirmed or not confirmed subscribers’ statuses. Depending if any of subscribers are subscribed to the subscribers’ lists (e-newsletter parts - see Subscriptions module for more information) the search can be made according to the corresponding subscribers’ lists. Finally, the search by sales channels is available as well and the search results can be exported to the CSV file.       

This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs. 

Widgets and pages:

The subscribers widget and the subscribe, subscribed and unsubscribed pages are added to this module.

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