Set up cron from admin area

Set up cron from admin area

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Cron scheduler module allows to create and manage cron jobs in order to automate different processes on a website.
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  • 4.0.x
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Administrators who set up and maintain software environments use cron to schedule jobs to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals. It typically automates system maintenance or administration—though its general-purpose nature makes it useful for things like downloading files from the Internet and downloading email at regular intervals.

Cron is most suitable for scheduling repetitive tasks so this module allows you to schedule such tasks on your website (for example, send recovery card emails or notify customers when products are in stock).

While setting up a job you can schedule it (for example, 2****) with the command (for example, /usr/bin/wget) and arguments (for example, https://your website/shopping-cart/recovery-cart, -O and /dev/null). This command should be installed on your server as well (correspondingly, 2****/usr/bin/wgethttps://your website/shopping-cart/recovery-cart-O/dev/null).

Also, max execution time can be specified, output to file can be chosen among none, rewrite or append options as well as output send on email and sort order can be set up.       


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.  

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