Report By Email

Report By Email

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This module allows you to share sales information with individuals or legal entities that don't have access to your internal business documentation. For example, to provide information to outsourcing companies that are engaged in business process analytics.
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This module allows remote monitoring and/or sales analytics by automatically generating reports and sending them by email to specific recipients.

How it works?

Most reports are repetitive work. The module tools allow you to make this process fully automated.

Three intervals for sending reports by email are available in the module settings: daily, weekly and monthly. For example, for the weekly report you can select a specific day of the week, and the sales report (in excel table format) will be sent to the recipients exactly on this day.
The following information fields are currently available for adding to the Sales report: Product model, Product name, Order status, Platform name, Product price, Payment class, Payment method, Customer details, Customer newsletter, Trade-in information, Order date-time, Order date, Order time, Order Id, Order number, Product ordered.
You do not have to keep this task in mind, because the module will do all the work automatically.

The Report By Email module is extendable: you can create as many kinds of reports as you need, depending on the new information you add to its settings.


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.

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