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Refer a Friend

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The Refer Friend module makes it possible to use a referral program for rewarding not only the existing customers, but also the newly referred customers.
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As practice shows, the recommendations of friends and family are trusted more often than ordinary advertising. But how to encourage customers to recommend your products or your brand to others? This is where the referral program can help.

A referral program is a way to promote a product or service through referrals. The company offers its current customers to recommend products to friends and receive a reward for this: a discount, money, gifts or points to a bonus account.

How it works?

The Refer Friend module offers 4 settings:

- Refer Friend Gift Voucher Amount (can be both amount and percent) is the amount that will be received by a referrer, if a referred customer makes an order on this website.

- Refer Friend Release Order Statuses (gift, old scheme) is the status of an order made by a referred customer according to which both a referred customer and a referrer will get their gift voucher and coupon.

- Referred customer Coupon Amount (can be both amount and percent) is the amount that will be applied to the first referred customer's order if it is made on this website.

- Refer Friend scheme allows you to choose between gifts and coupons.

Customers can refer their friends or family by sharing a unique code and the website link with them. This code is generated automatically in an email sent to a referred customer from the account of the current customer (the referrer).  If the referred customer purchases using this code, the referrer (and the referred customer) will earn a reward.

To maximally simplify the process of writing a referral letter and save your customers’ time, we have developed an email template in which the customer needs to fill in only 3 fields: Friend's name and Friend's email address and Message to your friend.
You can also create the Referral page in the required place and locate the Refer a friend link for the corresponding language in the menu.


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs. 

Widgets and pages:

The refer friend widget and the refer a friend page are added to this module.

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