Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

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This module allows you to create and track orders for the purchase of products and services from outside vendors or suppliers.
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  • 4.0.x
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This module allows you to solve the problem of additional purchases of products with a stock deficit, controlling and accelerating the purchase order process at all its stages.

How it works?

If you encounter a situation where your warehouse has a lack of a particular item, you need to reorder that item to fulfill a sales order. 

This module allows you to control the whole procurement process: which products were purchased, when, from which vendors/suppliers, at what price, and in what quantities.

The settings of this module make it possible to create Purchase orders in two ways:
1. By Order - The system monitors all orders that have product stock deficit and adds these missing products to the purchase order.
2. By Re-Order Level - The system monitors all products which have the stock level lower than the re-order level, which is set for each product.

All the products which were added to the purchase order automatically, are linked to and displayed in the sales orders.

For example, the products, which were in stock deficit and were ordered via the Purchase order, will have Stock ordered status in the Sales order.  The popup-window will display the number of products which were additionally ordered. And when these products are received into the stock location, the module will convert the purchase order units back into stock units. The product status will be changed to Received.

The module also allows you to add products to a purchase order manually. If a product is added in this way, it’s not linked to the Sales order, and displays in the Purchase order only. Also it is possible to assign the required order number to the purchase order, as well as filter these orders per Supplier, Order ID, Product model number or Name, Date ranges and Order status.


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.

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