Product Stock History

Product Stock History

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This module allows you to log the product stock changes.
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  • osc app
  • PHP version
  • 7.4.x
  • osCommerce version
  • 4.0.x
  • Additional PHP libs
  • NO
  • Module dependences
  • Depended
  • 3d party services
  • NO
  • Additional requirements
  • NO
With the help of this module you can log all the stock changes relating to a product since it was added to the system.

How it works?

While working with the main details of a product you can see its stock history. This information is presented as a table containing the following data about the required product:
  • date and time when product stock change was added to the system
  • model of  a product
  • in which warehouse  the stock change occurred
  • which supplier provided the product
  • available stock before the change happened
  • the quantity of changes to the available stock
  • available stock after the change happened
  • order number according to which the stock change occurred
  • comments describing in what way the stock change was added to the system (manually/ via CSV file)
  • name of a person who processed the stock change
Thus, you have complete information about the movement of products in the warehouse with the history of all the changes made.

This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.

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