On site affiliate programme

On site affiliate programme

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This module allows other companies and web sites to register in your web-store and promote your products or services to their customers for a commission fee.
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  • 7.4.x
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  • 4.0.x
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According to Affiliate program an affiliate partner is rewarded a commission for providing a specific result (like sales, leads, downloads, etc.) to a web-store. In other words, the affiliate earns a commission every time someone makes a purchase through the unique link associated with the affiliate’s recommendation. 

The Affiliate module has all the necessary tools to realize Affiliate program work for your web-store.

How it works?

Affiliates are registered on the web-store frontend. After that they appear in the backend (Admin Panel), where you can edit them, track their activities and profits.

After registration has been completed, a notifying email is sent to the Affiliate. Please, note that New Affiliate's account is NOT active until it is approved by the Administrator.

This module makes it possible to view a detailed report about affiliates’ sales. In particular, you can view the following information in the report table: from which Affiliate a product was bought, the date when the product was bought, the ID of an order made, the total price of the order, commission fee in percentage terms, commission fee in money terms, purchase status.

And also you can view a list of all affiliates ever registered in the web-store. The following information is displayed: Affiliate ID number, his/her Last Name and First Name, commission fee in percentage terms which is paid if the product was bought through this affiliate, affiliate's website address, affiliate's status (Active/Inactive), affiliate's statistics.

When a store owner (as a Top Administrator) has approved a new Affiliate, he/she can access the virtual platform via a URL sent to Affiliate’s email.

Now the Affiliate can view the customers registered in the web-store, customer's orders details and send them emails, as well as view/print invoice and packing slip.

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