Integration with Bazaarvoice

Integration with Bazaarvoice

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Bazaarvoice tool is built in the website system and it allows to collect customers’ reviews and ratings regarding products in the Bazaarvoice system and then transfer them to the corresponding products on a website.
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Bazaarvoice is a technology company that provides software that allows brands and retailers to collect and display several types of user-generated content on their e-commerce websites. Bazaarvoice services include product ratings and reviews, questions and answers, sampling, visual and social content, insights, social commerce and social publishing, but this tool deals with product ratings and reviews only.

This tool can be configured for each front end if necessary. 

While configuring this tool it is necessary to fill in the client name provided by Bazaarvoice, choose the environment that can be either production or staging, specify the required language in the locale, fill in the site ID referring to the deployment zone you want to use and the passkey provided by Bazaarvoice.

If it is required to uninstall this tool it is enough to delete the value from either the client name or the site ID fields.

The passkey is used for the API connection between Bazaarvoice and website systems as well as for speeding up the updates via the cache usage.    


This module is used both in the backend and on the front end. In the backend it is available under the Sales channels tab, the Configuration button for the required front end and Bazaar voice option from the drop down list. On the front end it is available on the product and product listing pages.

Widgets and pages: 

Widgets are built directly into the website (they are not installed together with this tool). The product page has the bazaarvoice rating summary widget and the product listing page has 2 widgets: bazaarvoice rating inline and bazaarvoice reviews. After this tool is configured these widgets need to be added manually to these pages.

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