DOA / RMA (Dead On Arrival / Return Merchandise Authorization)

DOA / RMA (Dead On Arrival / Return Merchandise Authorization)

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DOA/RMA module is used for managing the product return process and communication between administrators and customers during this process.
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DOA/RMA module is an out of the box module and it allows to cover all the business processes connected with DOA/RMA. Even if a website owner has the specific tasks and requirements this module can be easily configured and extended in order to meet them. Thus, it is also possible to customize this module mostly via settings so no additions to the code are required.    

While configuring the DOA/RMA module an administrator of a website can manage the maximum time for returning a product(s) after it is shipped to a customer both globally and individually for each product (if this setting is changed it will be applied to the products in the new orders only) and assign the required order status for replacement orders.

Sometimes it is necessary for a website owner to have their own product request statuses and return reasons to meet their business requirements. This module allows them to rename the request statuses for the required language as well as create the product return reasons.

From the customer’s point of view the product return process is quite easy and seamless since a customer can submit a return request while viewing a shipped order from the account as well as submit a return request from the product list available for return. Moreover, a customer can choose a product return reason and if a product needs to be returned or replaced for either each product individually or all the products in an order as well as write a note and attach the supporting documents while submitting a return request.

Once a customer submits a return request the communication between a customer and an administrator starts since an administrator is automatically notified about a submitted return request so an administrator can reply to a customer, print this return request or update the delivery information if necessary.

While processing a return request an administrator can refuse to return a product(s) (in this case this product(s) will not be available for returning any longer), return the cost for this product(s) as bonus, credit, money, replace it with another product or find out that no return is needed (in this case this product(s) will be available for returning again). Besides, an administrator can choose one of the above mentioned options for each product if there are more than one product in a return request.

After a return request is fully processed (all the products in the return request are processed) or partially processed (not all the products in the return request are processed) by an administrator a customer is notified about it automatically and the corresponding order is updated automatically, too. Then, an administrator can restock (return the stock to a product) the required product(s). It will make the system update the  corresponding order and the stock for the required product(s) automatically. Finally, after a return request is fully processed an administrator can submit the replacement order if necessary.   


This module is used both in the backend and on the front end. In the backend it is available under Orders/Customers/RMA and Communication tabs, on the front end it is available in a customer’s account under the Return request and Returns history link or while viewing a shipped order. 

Widgets and pages

Invoice page has 2 widgets - RMA products and RMA document data. Account page has 2 widgets as well - Print return button and RMA return history. Orders invoice page has RMA document.

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