Custom invoice numeration

Custom invoice numeration

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Invoice number format module allows to set up the order and invoice number format based on the specific shop owner requirements.
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Sometimes, it is important for a shop owner to use the specific order and invoice number format, for example, in accordance with the accounting regulations. 

This module allows to set this format in such a way that meets these requirements as much as possible.

How it works?

First of all, depending on the regulations in a country the date for the beginning of the fiscal year can be chosen from the calendar so it can be any date of a year. 

Then, also depending on the shop owner requirements both the order and the invoice number counters can be set up for them to start from a certain number (for example, 100). Each fiscal year will begin from these numbers. Moreover, these numbers can be different for the order and the invoice.

Finally, both order and invoice number format can be set up separately. The following combinations can be used to set it up, for example:

  • Y - A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits, for example: 2022   
  • y - A two digit representation of a year, for example: 99 or 03    
  • 0Xc - Invoice counter with X digits zero padding, for example: 04c = 0001; 02c = 01 or 123 (for invoice 123)

The full example of such a format: GGY-04c = GG2022-0001

It is also possible to set up the start and end dates for the required format.

As a result, the order and invoice numbers in this format will show up in all the emails and the lists, except the payment methods. 


This module is used in the backend only.

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