Self-hosted vs Hosted by osCommerce

What is osCommerce? Effectively, it is a plenty of source code in PHP files + design + the database. 

The latest hosting requirements for osCommerce can be always found in the osCommerce Wiki here:

And so, what is the best way to proceed with osCommerce - to host it yourself or let osCommerce host it for you?

For the last 20 years that was not a question, really. osCommerce was always distributed as an open source Ecommerce solution, and you were supposed to deal with the hosting yourself. It often involved a so called "shared hosting" for the beginner online shops. As the business would grow, so would the hosting requirements. Resuling in osCommerce moving to dedicated server, and sometimes - multiple servers connected in a cluster, with load balancer, etc. Then came the Cloud, and it became possible to host osCommerce in a Cloud, and scale it accordingly. 

Nowaday osCommerce can be hosted in several different ways:

  • VPS hosting - virtual private server - that allows safe and secure hosting of an osCommerce online shop for a very reasonable price 
  • Cloud hosting - similar to VPS but with cloud hosting specifics
  • Dedicated server(s) hosting - more traditional way to host Ecommerce websites, good for medium to larger businesses    

osCommerce can be hosted by the merchant or osCommerce developer on the hosting account of their choosing.

However, as of the launch of osCommerce v4, we have started to offer osCommerce's own, managed secure Ecommerce hosting services!

This is a totally new proposition and may be a solution in case you need a reasonably-priced reliable managed secure Ecommerce hosting solution. It doesn't come with great many hosting features as such, but it is fully optimised for Ecommerce (or, rather, osCommerce), allows to install an SSL certificate, and you can even add emails as an optional extra. 

The best thing is that you have peace of mind that whatever happens, the server will always be compatible with the latest stable osCommerce version, and will be always up to date with security and performance patches.

The choice is yours, and now you FINALLY have that choice!

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